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What is the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL)?

HFL is a not for profit, independent, private foundation dedicated to empowering our residents to live healthy and well in and around La Porte to become one of Indiana’s top 10 healthiest communities by 2030. This foundation was initially funded in March 2016 from the proceeds of the sale of La Porte Hospital.

What does the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte do?

HFL promotes health and wellness by focusing on three areas:

  • Strategic and thought leadership – helping to set the direction for how to solve our toughest health challenges locally.
  • Grantmaking, Scholarship and Vouchers – increasing access to quality healthcare for all in La Porte, while strengthening the pipeline of healthcare professionals practicing in the community through educational grants and scholarships.
  • Healthcare Programming – bolstering awareness about healthy living and enhancing the community’s access to quality, efficient healthcare services.

What happened to the La Porte Hospital Foundation?

With their shared vision, the La Porte Hospital Foundation and HFL blended their financial and operational efforts together as of January 1, 2017.  HFL recognizes the invaluable role that the La Porte Hospital Foundation’s signature programs and events play in our community. Tour de La Porte, Holiday at the Pops and health and wellness programs will continue under HFL’s leadership.

How will the funds be distributed in the community?

HFL envisions partnering with many types of community organizations through thoughtful grantmaking to work together toward the vision of La Porte becoming one of the top 10 healthiest communities in Indiana. Approximately five percent of the value of HFL’s assets will be used annually to support health and wellness programs and services in and around La Porte. Please read our Grant Overview page to learn more about the different types of grants we offer.

What happened to my gift(s) to the La Porte Hospital Foundation?

Since 1978, the La Porte Hospital Foundation has received an outpouring of support from members of the community. The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte values this commitment. Gifts included in the La Porte Hospital Endowment (Legacy Endowment) will continue to be used for the donor’s intended purpose. As part of the agreement to transfer the Legacy Endowment to HFL, a fund monitoring committee was created. The La Porte Hospital Foundation Board appointed the community members who will serve on this committee to oversee and advise the usage of these funds.

Can La Porte Hospital Foundation donors stay involved?

Absolutely! Continuing to fundraise and collaborate with our donors is an essential part of how HFL functions – building on the dedicated donor and volunteer base the La Porte Hospital Foundation established.

With such significant initial funding, why is fundraising needed?

The impact of a gift cannot truly be measured monetarily. Though the initial funding of HFL is large, so is our vision of La Porte becoming one of the top 10 healthiest communities in Indiana. We will continue to need investments of time, energy and funds if we are to create real change. One hundred percent of your gift to the Annual Giving Impact Fund will be used to enhance health and wellness programs and services in our community.

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