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Nationally, experts estimate 33 percent of all young people ages 6 to 17 are seriously overweight. As children grow older, obesity can lead to a variety of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and low self-esteem. Children are also vulnerable to other issues such as alcohol, drug and tobacco use; accidents and violence; excessive fast food consumption; and lack of knowledge about oral hygiene. Local statistics often exceed disturbing national trends in these areas. In 2001, The Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM was formed to help address these alarming trends.


The goal of the Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM is to give children the tools to make positive health and lifestyle decisions. The program currently targets 2nd and 4th grade students in and around La Porte. The Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM promotes healthy behaviors and increases awareness of health issues through a series of monthly educational modules.

The Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM uses an interactive educational program to introduce students to the idea of healthy behaviors. The Lil’ F.I.S.H. ClubTM Coach presents three specific modules to the 2nd grade students during the year. The 60-minute lesson incorporates high-interest, hands-on activities designed to fit state education standards so that teachers do not lose valuable class time.

Educational Modules:

  • Hygiene Basics: (November)
    • Description: Students learn the importance of hand washing, as well as having good personal and dental hygiene
    • Giveaway: Hygiene Kits (soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush)
  • Nutrition: (January)
    • Description: Introduction to the five food groups and how to make healthy food choices
    • Giveaway: Insulated Lunch Bags
  • Exercise is Fun: (March)
    • Description: Students learn about the benefits and importance of being physically active, as well as strategies on how to incorporate more physical activity every day
    • Giveaway: Pedometers

Participating Schools:

  • La Porte Community School Corporation’s eight elementary schools
  • St. John’s Lutheran School (La Porte)
  • St. Paul’s (Michigan City);
  • New Prairie United School Corporation’s three elementary schools
  • Westville Elementary School
  • South Central Elementary School