Mammogram Program

The Breast Cancer Project is an established comprehensive effort in La Porte which encourages and educates women about breast health and the importance of early detection. This effort provides screening mammograms services to uninsured and underinsured women who meet ACS High Risk criteria or are forty years of age and older. This program is made possible through grant funding from IBCAT (Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust).

Do I meet the Criteria?

  • Age 40 and older OR meet High Risk Status as defined by American Cancer Society (physician must determine ACS High Risk Status)
  • Uninsured, underinsured, or participating in a High Deductible Health Care (HDHC) plan
  • Income Guidelines (last updated 12.23.19):
Number in Household Maximum Annual Salary
1 $24,980
2 $33,820
3 $42,660
4 $51,500
5 $60,340
6 $69,180
7 $78,020
8 $86,860

How do I get a voucher?

If you meet all three criteria above, please schedule an appointment with your physician in La Porte. Print this document and bring it to your appointment or reference the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s mammogram voucher program.

For Physicians:

If you do not have the paperwork for the mammogram voucher, please call the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (219.326.2471) to request a copy. Please do so while the patient is still in your office as you will need the patient’s information and signature. Once you have the paperwork, please follow the procedure on page 3 for how to request a voucher.