2018 Grant Partners

2018 Grant Cycle 1 & Grant Cycle 2 Total $5,365,789

2018 Grant Award Program

  • City of La Porte Park and Recreation Department
    • Fort La Play Porte Renovation $65,000 – Renovate and build additions to existing playground structure
  • Dunebrook, Inc.
    • Healthy Families $82,338 – Engage families early to provide education and prevent child maltreatment cases
    • Public Education $45,500 – Educate the entire La Porte community about the child sexual abuse problem and how to prevent and respond to it
  • Family Advocates, Inc.
    • CASA Youth Specialist $36,800 – Advocate for and advise foster youth ages 13 to 21
  • La Porte Community School Corporation
    • Postponing Sexual Involvement $5,000 – Teach values such as abstinence from sexual involvement, respecting oneself, how to cope with peer pressure, and honoring the feelings of others
    • Family/Community Resource Services $52,000 – Support for students and families including ENL services, skill building, and resource links and service coordination
  • La Porte County Health Department
    • Cribs for Kids $11,000 – Safe sleep education for anyone interested and a free safe sleep kit to community members in need
  • La Porte Hospital
    • Lil’ F.I.S.H. Club $67,606 – Instill healthy behaviors in 4th and 2nd graders in local schools using state standards for education and incorporating physical activity
    • Slicer Health Clinic $165,323 – On-site primary care center focusing on the health and wellbeing of LPCSC students in Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Open Door Community Alliance, Inc
    • Open Door Adolescent Health Center $25,000 – Emerging Medical Home that emphasizes comprehensive, accessible, & continuous care for adolescents
  • The Salvation Army
    • Weekend Backpack Food for Kids $79,500 – Provide six healthy kid friendly meals to 400 students from four schools in the La Porte Community School Corporation on the weekends during the school year
  • Women’s Care Center
    • Building Capacity for Healthier Babies $25,000 – Ongoing health services and support to expectant mothers and babies