The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) is dedicated to empowering our residents to live healthy and well in and around La Porte to become one of Indiana’s top 10 healthiest communities by 2030. HFL builds on the example and guidance of the former La Porte Hospital Foundation.

HFL board members were nominated and selected in 2016 by members of the former La Porte Hospital Board and La Porte Hospital Foundation Board.  These individuals are members of our community and bring a unique mix of expertise and knowledge.  As members of our community, these individuals are passionate about empowering La Porte residents to live healthy and well and committed to the vision of helping La Porte become one of the top 10 healthiest communities in Indiana by 2030.

HFL Board

The HFL Board was designed to bring together a unique mix of expertise and knowledge. Our leadership and staff are guided by these values:

  • Excellence: Show exceptional stewardship of our community’s investment by acting with honesty and integrity.
  • Innovative and Visionary Thought Leadership: Have the courage to “think big” and discover ways to optimize our health and empower our residents to be well.
  • Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with donors, communities, not-for-profit partners and healthcare and wellness providers.
  • Commitment: Dedicate ourselves to optimizing resources to create pathways so that those in and around La Porte are empowered to live healthy and well.
  • Compassion: Be sensitive to the health and wellness issues and the needs of the communities we serve.