NEW Conference & Learning Center


Watch our time lapse video of the complete construction:

             October 31, 2019



November 2020


The new Conference & Learning Center will provide a productive space for local non-profits and public service organizations to meet, learn, retreat, and plan. This will be offered, free of charge, to organizations that engage in charitable activities benefiting the residents of La Porte County. This will include many educational opportunities sponsored by HFL, such as the nonprofit Leadership Academy and Board Governance Academy. Additionally, we will also host outside speakers and seminars that will enhance the educational development of our nonprofit leaders, board, and staff.

This nonprofit hub is crucial for us to accomplish our vision for our community. Over the past three years we worked within the community, it became clear that most of our local nonprofits lack adequate conference space which would allow them to expand, collaborate, and evolve. Our new Conference & Learning Center will include conference rooms, which will be available, without charge, to local nonprofit and public service organizations. With nearly 13,000 square feet of thoughtfully designed space, this new building will be one of the best spaces for community collaboration in the country.

When we first saw this piece of land, we knew it was perfect. This natural, tranquil setting located next to the La Porte Chessie Trail provides the perfect backdrop for our amazing new headquarters. And, with the help and guidance of the amazing architectural team at Shive Hattery and the construction team at Larson-Danielson Construction, this beautiful, natural aesthetic will be woven through the building itself. The facility will feature natural wood, limestone, and brick throughout the interior and exterior structure. Upon entering the building through the main entrance, you will be welcomed by a serene open space that will feature seating areas, high ceilings, ample natural lighting, and a tall fireplace that will invite you to sit down and take in the breathtaking view of Fishtrap Lake.

The Center’s conference room will provide ample space for various educational seminars and speaking engagements. The single room can hold 223 occupants, or it can be divided into three separate spaces using operable partitions. Each of the single conference rooms is just over 1,000 square feet and features the latest state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, Wi-Fi, and conferencing telephones. Additionally, all of the conference rooms will lead out to our outdoor seating areas on the patio, allowing easy access to our inviting outdoor gathering space.

The Center will also feature an incubator space that will be dedicated to the development of nonprofits. It will provide a space to work, to connect to mentors, designers, accountants, fundraising experts, strategists, and so much more. This space has the potential to remove many barriers that young nonprofits face, as well as reduce or eliminate the protracted and often costly process of building administrative and financial systems from the ground up.

We, at Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, want to be mindful of the area’s natural surroundings and be thoughtful toward those using the Chessie walking trail. Thus, we will be adding a water/rest stop for trail participants to use. This small but significant feature helps support our aim to elevate community health and wellness by sharing the beauty and splendor of this great location with others.