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Fall Get Active, Get Fit! Winner Awarded New Bike and Helmet

September 20, 2017 | Supporting Our Community

The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) awarded its fall Get Active, Get Fit! prize on September 18. The prize went to Donny, a sixth grade student at Kesling Middle School. His prize was a brand new bike and helmet.

Donny and his family regularly visit local and national parks to stay active, and he had recently outgrown his previous bicycle.

Get Active, Get Fit! was created by HFL in conjunction with pediatricians and the city and county park departments to encourage children and families to get active. Activity logs are completed and turned in, and once a quarter, one child’s activity log is drawn at random as the winner. That boy or girl has a choice of what prize they would like to receive: a bike, fitness tracker or sports package.

“We really appreciate the efforts of community organizations like the city and county parks, La Porte County Public Library, and the YMCA that have really helped promote this program,” said HFL President and CEO Maria Fruth. “Donny’s entry came from his participation in the YMCA summer programs.”

To be entered in the drawing, a child needs to be active for at least 30 minutes on 14 consecutive or non-consecutive days. The child or their parent will complete and turn in a 14-day activity log that details the activity that the child participated in each day. Children can complete and enter more than one activity log to have their name entered in the drawing multiple times. The activities logged do not have to be from spending time at a local park, but one log will count for two entries if more than four activities were completed at a park.

There are multiple ways to enter an activity log into a drawing, including a mobile phone app! The goal of the app is to make it easier for parents and families to keep track by allowing you to fill the log in as you finish activities. Once you have filled in 14 activities, the app will automatically submit your log. Learn more about the different ways to participate in the program at

Entries submitted from now until December 1 will be included in the end of year drawing so be sure to stay active this fall!